About Us 

Perfect Wheels was created as the perfect solution for flexible yet affordable transport and delivery services. Our fleet of vehicles cater to a wide range of transport and delivery requirements, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We value timeliness, reliability and convenience in all our services. Our priority is providing a smooth and high quality service at a great value. Be it for personal or business use, bank on our team to maintain an exemplary level of care and professionalism.

Ang Yi Qian


Founder, Ang Yi Qian, launched the company in 2020 with the goal of making transportation and delivery hassle-free, accessible and more affordable for both businesses and individuals alike. With many years of transport logistics experience under his belt, he only employs dedicated drivers who prioritise exceptional service above all else.

About the team

Perfect Wheels comprises of a team of driven individuals with multiple years of experience in transportation and delivery services. They are accountable, efficient and seek to present a seamless service for our clients.

Our team of drivers are handpicked based on their years of experience, quality of service and willingness to learn. Some of them have the privileged experience of working in the transport and delivery line for over 30 years. Our total mileage clocks well over 1,000,000km. We have a comprehensive knowledge of Singapore’s roads, old and new, which is why we can assure that your goods will be delivered efficiently.

Our drivers serve a multitude of clients, like e-commerce online stores and large consumer retail companies. These businesses trust us to deliver their products in pristine conditions because of our flawless track record of having no traffic accidents.


Dispatch Services

We support businesses and government associated organisations with their dispatch needs.


We collect. We deliver. We fulfil our business obligations and respect privacy.

PDPA Compliant

We ensure that no one has access to your documents and they are only delivered to the intended party, complying to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

On Time Delivery

Tell us when you need the documents delivered and we will deliver them on time.


Delivery Services

We support SMEs with their delivery needs. 

E-Commerce / Retail

We deliver any items ranging from small parcels to heavy / bulky boxes. We help you deliver your products to your clientsdoorsteps.

Cost Effective

We understand the logistic issues that SMEs and other small businesses face. We offer a cost effective solution for your logistics needs.

Always On Time

We get your products to your clients within the stipulated time. Avoid complaints from your clients by procuring our timely delivery services.

Starting at $8/trip.

Bus Charters

We transport people around Singapore safely and on time.

Personal Charters

We serve groups and individuals with their transportation needs for events.

Corporate Charters

We help corporations transport personnels to and from specific destinations in a timely manner.

School Buses

We work with schools and parents in sending their school-going children aged 10 and above to schools and out-of-school excursions. We drive safely and maintain a track record of 0 accidents.

Starting at $60/trip.